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  • About Dr. Berta

    Dr. Berta is an Ivy League Graduate and Stanford trained Neurosurgeon specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery

    Scott C. Berta MD, MSE, MS

    Stanford trained Neurosurgeon

    A full service neurosurgeon, Dr. Berta has years of experience managing the range of neurosurgical conditions from complex spine to brain tumors.


    With an additional fellowship in minimally invasive spine surgery from Stanford University Hospital & Clinics, Dr. Berta has a special interest and advanced expertise in the treatment of neck and lower back pain using minimally invasive conservative techniques that apply the latest spine surgery technology.


    Dr. Berta recently launched two award winning international texts books (Brain and Spine editions) on neurosurgery entitled: “Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade.” Dr. Berta is also widely published in the field of spine surgery with numerous journal article publications. Furthermore, his neurosurgical techniques on a famous jockey led him to be featured on television news stations across the country including CNN and USA Today.


    Prior to medical school at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Dr. Berta attended Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania. Before medical school he worked in the innovative fields of gene therapy and drug discovery and holds several patents / peer reviewed papers in these arenas.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Dr. Berta launches two new international textbooks entitled:

    "Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade"

    Spine and Brain editions

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    Spine Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


    • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression
    • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy
    • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion
    • Anterior Cervical Discectomy (neck) Surgery
    • Posterior Cervical Surgery
    • Occipital Cervical Fusion

    Cranial Surgery

    State of the Art Neurosurgical Techniques


    • Brain Tumors
    • Trauma Craniotomy
    • Stereotactic Brain Biopsy


  • Artificial Cervical Disc 

    If you are looking for an alternative to conventional neck fusion

    Cervical Artificial Disc

    This advanced artificial disc technology is designed to reduce stress on the adjacent disc levels above and below by allowing for more "flexibility".


    To find out more about this procedure, please contact Dr. Berta at 650-339-1000


    Minimally invasive surgical solution to cervical foraminal stenosis

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Dr. Berta completed his Fellowship in Complex and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery from Stanford.

    This type of procedure may be right for you, to find out more information call: 650-339-1000

    Endoscopic Discectomy Technique

    Lumbar Discectomy

    This is an illustration of a minimally invasive lumbar discectomy. Note the green endoscopic tube is used guide the procedure with minimal tissue disruption. 

    Post Operative ~1.5 CM Incision

    Minimally Disruptive

    This procedure not only has a small skin incision, but there is less muscle disruption as well. This helps to speed recovery, reduce blood loss and decrease postoperative pain.

  • Patient Reviews

    For more information on this Patients' Choice Award winner, please visit Dr. Berta's profile on PatientsChoice.org. The American Registry also includes Dr. Berta in The Registry of Business Excellence

    Quadriplegic walks again after spinal surgery from Dr. Berta

    Media coverage on surgery for jockey

    Former NFL player pain free after minimally invasive lumbar fusion by Dr. Berta 

    Dr. Berta awarded Most Compassionate doctor 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014

    Dr. Berta awarded Top 10 Neurosurgeon 2014

    Dr. Berta awarded Patients' Choice 4 years in a row - 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014

  • Open Mind

    Neurosurgical International



    Dr. Berta founded OMNI to help provide neurosurgical medical care, equipment and education to underserved regions of the world.

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